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We’re creating a community of radical love and Inclusivity through the revolutionary and transformative love of Jesus where healing, restoration, and liberation of all people Is possible.


We envision a Jesus centered movement of belonging where wholeness

becomes reality, equality and equity are modeled and socio-cultural, political, and economic systems are transformed to prioritize creation over power, privatization, and production.

Core Values:

Radical Love and Inclusivity

Community and Economic Empowerment

Civic Engagement


Christian, Cultural, Historical, and Socio-Political Education

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Our Leadership

Min. Keturah Clark-Weathers


Rev. Dr. Stefan Weathers Sr.

Rev. Stef


Stefan Weathers is a husband, father, preacher, writer, organizer, and activist committed to racial and economic justice and equity, as well as the causes of social, cultural, and political justice generally. In 2012 he answered his call to ministry and was licensed and began to preach in 2015. Then in 2017, he was fully ordained into the ministry through the American Baptist Churches, USA. He is currently a Doctoral candidate at Duke University Divinity School, expecting to graduate in May of 2024.

Stefan is lovingly married to his wife Min. Keturah Clark-Weathers and he is the proud father of one son.

Stefan says, “Don’t ever think that you can put me in a box.” It comes from a West African belief system that doesn’t believe in a separation of sacred and secular. Being unashamedly Black and unapologetically Christian fuels his passion to practically address the lives of individuals and groups and the societal injustice that strangles the vibrancy of their lives. He believes we can imagine and evangelize a vision where all people realize their divine worth and communities are free to thrive.

North Carolina Central University, B.A. Political Science (minor In English)

Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, M.Div.

Duke University Divinity School, D.Min.

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Min. K


Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Keturah Clark-Weathers began the formation of her faith at a very young age. A very attentive and inquisitive young person, Keturah had so many questions about God, faith, good, and evil at the age of five. Her deep connection to the Holy Spirit helped in her development of love, compassion, and advocacy for others that would ultimately lead her into a life of service for the people of her communities. Her Masters Thesis, Black hair and the imago Dei : an embodiment for God’s vision of wholeness, focuses on Black women seeing themselves in the image of God through their own communal settings and personal experiences. This was the empowerment piece that assisted Keturah in defining her ministry. Today, Keturah is a mother of a 4 year old boy, a Licensed Minister and Chaplain at Atrium Health in Charlotte, NC. Her ministry revolves around spreading the Good News so that women can see themselves in the image of God and can begin making whole again that which was dismantled.

SUNY Brockport, B.S. Health Sciences

Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, M.A. Theological Studies


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